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My name is Tim Grivois, Executive Director of TGS Educational Consulting. My firm helps schools, nonprofits, and government agencies transform the wicked systemic issues that vex all leaders of caring organizations into opportunities to demonstrate excellence in any environment.

Tim Grivois wearing a dress shirt and gray tie.
Tim Grivois, Ed.D., Founder and Executive Director.

While the work you and I do together is highly tailored to who you are, our partnership typically begins with me and your team uncovering, discovering, and—if necessary—recovering the values at the heart of your work.

At Orange Grove Middle School, this process began with their school’s PBIS team coming together to establish respect, responsibility, and compassion as core values of successful learners and good human beings. With the Tucson Police Department, we joined officers in ride-alongs, analyzed brief surveys, and listened to officers one-on-one. And, we discovered that respectempathyflexibility, and understanding are the fundamental values that guide their work. We can establish measurable goals and design a professional learning program to equip your team to take concrete action towards visible results by making values explicit.

Work better & happier

Another important piece of our work is to equip your staff to do the work that matters. Frequently, understanding what needs to be done is easier than getting organized to do the work. 

Sometimes, this might involve training staff on new skills or best practices. Typically, this is also about organizing resources, developing measurable goals, and implementing achievable action plans. With clarity comes competence, and our goal is for your leadership team and staff to come to work every day knowing what they do matters and makes a difference.

Share your story

The second key aspect of our work at TGS Educational Consulting is to support your communications plan. Communications is more than marketing or publicity—it’s about making sure that your staff knows that their work matters. And, by increasing and elevating communication with those you serve, you’ll also ensure that your community understands the importance of what you do.

Whether we are designing templates for press releases for a local nonprofit that is redesigning a martial arts curriculum to incorporate social and emotional learning, or developing internal templates for sharing progress their team is making towards goals, your communications plan is an essential part of your team’s success.

Latest from our Blog

Rethinking Positive Feedback in PBIS

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support centralizes positive feedback as a critical tenet of school-wide social and emotional support. Both the data and my values as a caring professional lead me to support expanding the frequency of kind words on campus. However, we must be mindful to avoid common mindsets that might lead to adverse outcomes. Whatever your system for positive feedback, make sure that the goal is warm, supportive relationships.

Don’t just look at data. Use it.

The best part of using data in this way is that you don’t need a Professional Learning Community structure. In fact, a PLC format might get in the way of the work by making things take longer. Instead, the most important task is to measure what matters, communicate data to your team, and take action that serves students and teachers effectively.

Black text on pink background "We know what we need help with" Why centralizing youth voice matters.

We know what we need help with.

When adults marginalize youth voices, youth suffer. Finding opportunities to centralize youth voice is neither frivolous nor fuzzy. What school leaders and youth-serving nonprofits should take away from Victoria Anne’s experience is that students should know as much about McKinney-Vento as they do about how to sign up for the football team. Also, we (adults) don’t know what we are doing unless and until we include youth voice.

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Working with TGS Educational Consulting

I provide tailored professional learning solutions to equip you and your team to dramatically increase the good you and your team accomplish for those you serve. This difference in approach matters to my clients, and is the principal reason why we continue to work together year after year.

Sonoran Science Academy

Sonoran Science Academy operates four campuses in Tucson, AZ, serving students from PreK through 12th grade. Our work together began at one site in 2017 and continues today. Current goals include:

  • Creating positive culture and climate for each part of the school community
  • Using data to ensure equity in school discipline
  • Supporting the social, emotional, and academic achievement of every enrolled student

Tucson Police Department and Pima County Community Prevention Coalition

The Tucson Police Department and the Pima County Community Prevention Coalition worked together to provide over 400 officers training in trauma informed care. I worked with Sgt. Stropka and the Substance Use Resource Team to develop a trauma informed training from an LGBTQIA+ perspective. Our shared goals were to:

  • Create opportunities for officers to practice key LGBTQIA+ vocabulary in context.
  • Uncover the values guiding their daily work, such as empathy, respect, adaptability, and understanding.
  • Connect these values to their own experiences engaging LGBTQIA+ community members, validating small, effective strategies to live these values out loud as they develop trauma-informed approaches to their work.

About Tim Grivois

I founded TGS Educational Consulting in March of 2020 because I wanted to spend my days doing what I love: 

  • Learning as much as I can
  • Helping others learn and grow (children and marginalized first and most of all).

Prior to TGS Educational Consulting, I was the Director of Professional Learning at CITY Center for Collaborative Learning. Before that, I’ve served an elementary school principal in Tucson Unified School District in Arizona, and assistant principal in District 63 in Niles, Illinois. The heart of my career has been teaching third and fourth grade.

I earned my Masters and Doctorate degrees in Educational Leadership from Loyola University Chicago. I currently live in Tucson, Arizona. When I’m not keeping busy helping my clients increase the good they do (and to do it justly and equitably), you can find me reading, playing with my three kids, or zoning out to Netflix. I’m also thinking about getting a chicken coop and a really big dog.