Criticism is a relationship wrecking ball—especially for students with ADHD.

By Dr. Tim Grivois, Executive Director Students with ADHD are almost sure to demonstrate behaviors that don’t work well in classrooms designed for neurotypical students. Add to this anxiety, rejection sensitivity, and demand avoidance—conditions that seem to be ADHD’s toxic best friends—and criticism becomes an unhelpful strategy.  However, if you’re an educator doing your bestContinue reading “Criticism is a relationship wrecking ball—especially for students with ADHD.”

Strategies to support work completion habits for students with ADHD.

Particularly for schools with a Positive Behavior Interventions and Support framework, framing supports from a strengths-based perspective is essential. Below are some strategies that students with ADHD (and their families) often find supportive.

Support students with ADHD through play-based coaching.

Combined with in-the-moment feedback and support from families, schools can create exceptional learning environments for all students while offering students with ADHD effective and respectful support.