Listen to youth. Improve outcomes.

In this case, the youth has committed to a shared goal of increasing organization. As school adults, we have the power to support them in achieving their goal, or to prevent them from growing by insisting on strategies we have already tried and the student rejects. Instead, I hope that our team listens to what the youth has said, and that we show up for them in the way they have asked us to.

Why data literacy matters.

-by Pamela Dean, M.Ed. According to a review of Data Literacy of Educators: Making it Count in Teacher Preparation and Practice in the Harvard Educational Review, data literacy in education is the ability to create actionable instruction based on the collection and examination of student data such as attendance, grades, test scores, behavior, and motivation. Sounds easy enough:Continue reading “Why data literacy matters.”

Ongoing Professional Learning with Data

-by Timothy (Tim) Grivois, Ed.D. I frequently lead professional learning on how to use data effectively, most recently with Youth On Their Own, a Tucson-based nonprofit that supports youth without a permanent place to live in graduating high school. Over the years, I’ve collected a few topics that tend to be effective for whole-staff trainings,Continue reading Ongoing Professional Learning with Data

Three true objections to data that you can’t ignore.

-by Timothy (Tim) Grivois, Ed.D. While most school leaders view reviewing student data in professional learning communities (PLCs) to be essential, most teachers view these meetings as a waste of time. (Gates Foundation, 2014). Here are three objections to data that I hear frequently from teachers that I encourage all leaders like you to validateContinue reading Three true objections to data that you can’t ignore.

Two reasons why your team resists data.

-by Timothy (Tim) Grivois, Ed.D. Right now, I’m working on a presentation on data for Youth On Their Own a nonprofit in Southern Arizona that supports youth without permanent homes to graduate high school. Like many of the schools, nonprofits, and government agencies I work with, data is at the heart of what Youth onContinue reading “Two reasons why your team resists data.”