Person named Tim Grivois-Shah, seated on a boulder in front of desert landscape.
Tim Grivois, Ed.D.

I founded TGS Educational Consulting in March of 2020 because I wanted to spend my days doing what I love: 

  • Learning as much as I can
  • Helping others learn and grow

I earned my Masters and Doctorate degrees in Educational Leadership from Loyola University Chicago. I currently live in Tucson, Arizona.

When I’m not keeping busy helping my clients increase the good they do (and to do it justly and equitably), you can find me reading, playing with my three kids, or zoning out to Netflix. I’m also thinking about getting a chicken coop and a really big dog.

Your work matters. Do it the best you can.

Every caring organization believes that their work matters. The challenge is to know for sure that the systems, strategies, and resources they commit to the work truly reflect the values, aspirations, and best interests of the organization and of those the organization serves.

Some caring organizations struggle to adapt, preserving ways of thinking that may have worked in the past, even when their students, clients, and community have changed.

Others have made progress, and do their best to figure out on their own what works for them and for those they serve. Within complex learning and serving environments, many caring organizations recognize that, while their values may not change, how they make their values visible in their work will have to grow.

The most successful caring organizations lead from the inside out, using data and dialogue to include the voices and perspectives of everyone involved in the work. They control their narrative, and communicate the good they do with integrity and pride.

As a leader within a caring organization, nothing is more important than understanding yourself and your organization from the inside out. Leaders who don’t engage in this deep, comprehensive, reflective work risk drifting apart from their team, community, and those their organization serves. Additionally, scaling up programs or expanding effective strategies will be impossible. However, the biggest risk in not knowing ourselves and our organizations from the inside out is that no one who works there will understand how what they do connects to who they are.

Our ‘inside out’ approach solves this by equipping your organization to:

  • Uncover, discover, and if necessary, recover the values that guide your work.
  • Tailor a professional learning plan for your team that aligns directly with your vision.
  • Develop metrics and systems for collecting data relevant to your work and to your community.
  • Share your organization’s story by increasing the level of communication between you, your team, and your community.

The power of TGS Educational Consulting’s “inside-out” approach is that:

  • I work with you to define the outcomes and metrics for all aspects of the work.
  • I have an extensive network of colleagues in every field and service you could possibly need to achieve your goals.
  • While most firms provide solutions based on their expertise, I work side-by-side with your team to develop solutions that match what you discover about who you are and what your organization aspires to be. This is tremendously important, both for your team, and for those you serve.

If the ‘inside-out’ approach is calling to you, this is what to do:

  • Let’s talk! Call or email me, or just click here to schedule a time to talk. I’ll hear more about you school, nonprofit, government agency, or other caring organization. You’ll also have a chance to ask me questions.
  • If you decide you’d like to move forward, we’ll set up a longer meeting with your team. At this meeting, we’ll co-create outcomes for our work together.
  • Once we’ve agreed on outcomes, I’ll draft a complete proposal with several options and fees for each component. Fees on accepted proposals have ranged anywhere from $324.84 to $70,000.00.
  • We meet to review the proposal. As soon as I know which option in the proposal you have selected, I get to work.

When our team works with Tim, the pressure melts away. We focus on the real work we need to accomplish, knowing that Tim’s not just there to clock in for the meeting. He’s there to help us succeed.”

-Dr. James Francis, Dean of Students, Sonoran Science Academy.

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Working with Tim means having someone always ready to help you be your best for those you serve.