Why you should book a T.A.T. appointment with me.

-by Dr. Tim Grivois, Executive Director

While professional development/professional learning is often the first reason why school districts or nonprofits reach out to me, we continue to work together because of how valuable our Technical Assistance Time (T.A.T. sessions) become. 

A T.A.T. session is when you and I work to accomplish something we both know how to do. I serve as your Coach and Assistant: I’m Coach when I keep us on track and focused on achieving the work, and I’m Assistant when I ghostwrite newsletter content, make phone calls, or connect you with a new resource.

While having someone to help sounds excellent, the first question to answer is…

Couldn’t I do this by myself?

Yes, you could. You are absolutely capable of doing this by yourself. In fact, I can’t help you with your to-do list if you don’t know how to do the stuff on it. However, leaders who schedule T.A.T. sessions run into the following situations:

  • Task Paralysis: Often, leaders can feel overwhelmed and stressed to the point where they cannot get started on anything, even a tiny part of their job. When this happens, having a coach/assistant combination can help them get unstuck and moving again.
  • Drowning: School and nonprofit leaders always have more to do than can be done in a day. Add to this the random and urgent events that interrupt focused work time, and sometimes, the to-do list only gets bigger. Working with me for an hour can be as valuable as several hours alone.
  • Better things to do than…: You became a school leader to help children and youth learn and grow. If the work on your to-do list doesn’t align with your sense of purpose, working with me to get things done quickly can dramatically increase the time available to do what you actually want to do.
  • They are an adult with ADHD: People with ADHD (like me) make outstanding leaders and tend to work well in high-stress settings. However, we are notorious for craving structure but hating being told what to do. Having me work side-by-side with you as a professional body double can tremendously support leaders with ADHD, particularly with tedious but necessary projects.

A T.A.T. session isn’t free, but it’s much less expensive than leaving things undone. Book your first 60-minute T.A.T. appointment for $10 by clicking here. Future T.A.T. appointments are $55.

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