When school leaders take charge of the story.

Image of Dr. Tim Grivois in a shirt and tie. Another image of Stefanie Boe in professional attire

-by Dr. Tim Grivois, Executive Director

Last week, I hosted Stefanie Boe, Tourism and Marketing Manager for the Town of Marana, on the “Transform. Grow. Succeed.” podcast. While you’ll see in the interview that she loves her work in Marana, I first met Stefanie when she was the Senior Director of Media Relations for Tucson Unified School District, where she led more than a few workshops to help principals like me become better storytellers.

The main takeaway from the interview is that if we don’t tell our school’s story, then someone else will. As school leaders, we know how hard our teachers work to help students learn and grow. We know how committed our families are. We know that our school community is constantly evolving, and we can shape how our school culture evolves through compelling storytelling.

It was a great interview, and I learned much from Stefanie. Check out the whole interview below, and if you’re a storyteller, tell me what’s going on at your site in the comments below! 

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