Introducing TGS-Transform, Grow, Succeed.

-by Timothy (Tim) Grivois, Ed.D.

I’m excited to announce that TGS Educational Consulting is launching a Youtube Channel featuring interviews with exemplary leaders from schools and nonprofits. Check out the first few shows here:

Adultism in Caring Organizations

In this episode, Victoria-Anne Tullercash shares their work as Youth Engagement Specialist and as a member of the Youth Action Council. When we centralize the voices of those we claim to serve, we carry out our missions with greater respect and efficacy.

It’s the Principal of the Thing

Dr. Chandra Sledge-Mathias, founder of “Wouldn’t It Be Cool If?” (, and expert in professional development shares what she believes must happen to elevate professional learning for school principals.

Building Community

Community matters. In fact, our community is the answer. How can schools build meaningful partnerships with their communities? To speak about it, Tim welcomes friend Jansen Azarias-Suzumoto to the show. Jansen is the CEO and co-founder of Higher Ground, a non-profit resource center that works to inspire youth and families to be part of lasting community contribution. Listen in as they talk about how what part communities can play in making our students and educators more successful in schools that may lack funding or resources. As Jansen notes, “It’s not about building something new. It’s about building on the resiliency of the community.”

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