Emotional regulation & co-regulation to support trauma informed practices

-by Tim Grivois, Ed.D.

I’m excited to share that this exciting collaboration between me and Dawn Baumgartner has been rescheduled. The workshop is called “Emotional regulation & co-regulation to support trauma informed practices” and the description is below:

Trauma Informed Care, skills and practices, will be more important than ever upon return to classrooms this fall. During this workshop teachers/staff will reflect upon the emotional toll of the past year as well as identify emotional triggers, learn emotional regulation skills, and understand the importance of co-regulation between student and teacher.

Participants will receive a resource for self-care to explore their own eight dimensions of wellness–from the inside out. Some may choose to focus on just one dimension, while others may see connections among them all. Walk away understanding simple steps to create a healing environment that values the whole person.

The in-person workshop takes place in Phoenix on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at KOI Education on 99 E Virginia Ave, Suit 120, Phoenix, AZ 85004. The cost is $79.00 per person and includes a certificate for 3 hours of professional development.

Register now to learn classroom-possible strategies for emotionally healthy learning for your students…and for you.

Dawn Baumgartner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with school age children, families, and educators to inspire them to believe open hearts will open minds. Dawn is a former director of a NYC Alternative school, with twenty plus years experience including leadership roles related to PBIS/ MTSS. Dawn is an ASU

Field Instructor of the Year recipient. She holds an MSW and certificate from the Institute for Nonprofit Management at Columbia University.

Tim Grivois earned his Masters in Elementary Education and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Loyola University Chicago. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona. When Tim is not keeping busy helping schools increase the good they do (and to do it justly

and equitably), you can find him reading, playing with his three kids, or zoning out to Netflix. He is also thinking about getting a chicken coop and a really big dog.

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